Extra Marks Smart Classes at
Das Universal Academy
360 Degree Approach

Learn, Practice & Test – completing the full cycle of learning

Extramarks believes in educating their students with the best and simple process of teaching. Extramarks follows 3 simple steps to teach students. First, comprehensive concepts through various multimedia platforms. Second, Practice through several interactive exercises and Third, taking online tests.


These unique learning – centric concept modules are designed by infusing experienced teaching methodology with world class digital technology. An adaptive teaching – learning approach is followed where concepts are hierarchically graded and layered moving from simple to complex levels for senior classes. For junior classes, the Concept Adventure modules follow a thematic approach which are characterized by observation from real life surroundings and scenarios, stimulating the thinking abilities of young minds.


Practice makes learning perfect! The Practice section is the next level to the three pronged learning strategy. It is devised to ensure that learning is deeply embedded in the learner’s mind. A diverse range of practicing tools can be used by learners to assess and enhance their understanding of concepts. The well crafted practice exercises are highly captivating and keep the students involved. These include interactive game based engines that activate the nuero – motor skills of learners and stimulate their thinking abilities like Crosswords, Memory Match, Puzzles and many more. The Virtual Labs for senior and junior classes recreate the entire laboratory experience, establishing the most complex theories and principles in an easy to understand manner. High Order Thinking Skills based assignments allow students to brainstorm the applications of learnt concepts. The short and long answer tests stimulate analytical abilities. All curriculum mapped chapter wise Questions & Answers, solved Board Papers and Term End Summative papers are provided for comprehensive preparation during exams. Thus, it is assured that the concepts are completely understood and validated by deep immersive learning.

Thus, a learner can be exposed to a virtual classroom where learning can be acquired at one’s own pace and space, anytime and anywhere, maintaining the continuity of concepts at school and at home.


The ‘Test’ feature is specially created for self evaluation. It provides unlimited testing tools for learners to assess how much they have learnt. To make testing fun and challenging, Multiple Choice Questions have been hierarchically structured in a way that lets users unlock different levels as they progress from easy to difficult stage. Group Quizzes and tests can be taken for single or multiple chapters. These tests are time bound and allow learners to view their performance report after every level, giving them real time analytical results, which leads to an insight of their progression. These tests can also be assigned by parents and mentors to track, monitor and supervise the performance of students during their study journey. The ‘Progress’ feature helps learners and their mentors to constantly check their progress through the curriculum. It gives a clear view of how much they have studied along with the number of chapters covered and how much they have scored. Based on these progress reports, learners can get to know how effectively they have been able to follow their study schedule and how much they need to cover more. These tests ensure a thorough assessment of a learners’ understanding of concepts and help them identify the weak and strong areas. Thus, completing the circle of Learn, Practice and Test, substantiating Extramarks belief of holistic learning and lifelong retention of concepts.

Extra Marks Smart Classes at Das Universal Academy