A unique, accessible, informative & enjoyable curriculum has been designed for the development of important skills and a good knowledge base for students. All the latest international guidelines are also considered while preparing it.

Crewp226098aaativity Based Approach

In the curriculum and teaching methodology, we encourage the children to extend their range of learning from classrooms to activity centre with the use of CDs, Hardware, Software and Games sourced from different parts of the world. There is a balanced between free play and guided activity for the development of cognitive skills as well as motor skills.

English Conversation

Our emphasis is laid on the English conversation and the curriculum is made in such a way that it gives ample opportunities to children to practice speaking and listening English and thereby extending their range of vocabulary and communication skills.

 Academic Session and Syllabus

The academic session extends from April to March/ the school follows the syllabus laid down by C.B.S.E.