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Education - Movement of Life

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Getting any Education is an achievement. However, getting the right education from the right institute is essential, as it is the biggest contributing factor in your child’s career and ultimately his/her life as an adult.

The aim of Das Universal Academy is to provide an environment to stimulate overall positive development in each child and evoke awareness and confidence, that will form the basic characteristics needed to become worthy and contributing members of society.




Language is one of the most important skills you acquire preschooler, which is also a key element in acquiring a good education in school and then in academia.


Smart Classes

The Smart Board interactive whiteboard operates as part of a system that includes the interactive whiteboard, a computer, a projector and whiteboarding software – Smart Notebook collaborative learning software for education.


Sports & Games

Besides health benefits, sport gives children the many life lessons that can contribute to the professional and personal achievements in adult life.


We are glad to introduce our professional staff. Qualified and well-educated teachers will turn the educational process to the great and fun holiday for your children!In the curriculum and teaching methodology, we encourage the children to extend their range of learning from classrooms to activity centre with the use of CDs, Hardware, Software and Games sourced from different parts of the world. There is a balanced between free play and guided activity for the development of cognitive skills as well as motor skills.o.


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The Sole vision of Das Universal Academy is to prepare the children in such a way that they develop a positive mental attitude. Das Universal Academy truly believes in the all round personality development of the child by imbibing in him/her qualities of trust, olerance, honesty, integrity and moral values in an environment enriched with the aura of originality, competitiveness, discipline and ingenuity. Our School will strive to provide the children with a right mental attitude so that they can develop self-confidence and hence achieve their worthy goals.

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Starting with the new school year in our kindergarten will discover a professional team that aims to respect your child’s feelings, to give them responsibility, independence and freedom to make choices.