wp7e060161Hobby Clubs

Literacy Club Debates


Group Discussions

Art and Painting Club

Creative Writing

Music Club

Dance Club- western & Classical


Etiquette- Training classes



The school gives ample opportunity to shine in sports and games, like

 · Yoga & meditation

· Tae-Kwon-Do

· Skating

· Basket ball

· Volley Ball

· Hand Ball

· Badminton

· Cricket

· Horse Riding

· Tennis


Various inter- house and intra house competitions will be organized in the school.

The basic motive behind participation in sports is to develop a sound and fit body and sportsmanship spirit.

Winning is by no means the only method of judging achievement.

Go-curricular activities

 Various co- curricular activities take place throughout the year enabling children to exhibit their inner talent and creativity, such as

· Debates

· Elocution

· Collage making

· Computer painting

· Fancy dress

· Exhibitions

· Folk, classical and ball room dance


The motive is to create a healthy spirit of competition among the students

Various workshops will also be organised by psychologists and counsellors to offer effective advice and suggestions to parents regarding various problems faced by the students.

Excursions and celebrations

Fun learning

Picnics, outdoor excursions and sight seeing tours are frequently arranged to places of interest in and around Delhi for easy learning and exploring new things.

Celebration of Independence Day, children’s day, teacher’s day, birth days and festivals so that they become well aware of our cultural heritage and tradition.

The motive behind these excursions and celebrations is to make ‘every moment- a a celebration of life’.