H.H. Vibhuti T Das


Dear Parents,

Getting any Education is an achievement. However, getting the right education from the right institute is essential, as it is the biggest contributing factor in your child’s career and ultimately his/her life as an adult.

The aim of Das Universal Academy is to provide an environment to stimulate overall positive development in each child and evoke awareness and confidence, that will form the basic characteristics needed to become worthy and contributing members of society.

At D.U.A the children benefit from the rich amalgamation of both eastern and western learning practices, on their journey along their school-life path.

Our curriculum equally but also provides activities that are rich and varied in presentation, to allow learning in young children. Our activities aim to provide ‘hands-on’ experience to scaffold the student with a much deeper understanding of their learning.

My panel of advisors, all experts in their line of work, have been handpicked, because of their commitment to providing each individual child a curriculum and environment, promoting positive development. We aim to draw out our children’s best qualities, enabling even the shyest child to bloom in confidence. Alongside academic achievements, we are committed to making these golden days of childhood, memorable and happy times for the children in our care.