·wp8999d427 Nearly 2.5 acres of land is being provided for work and play

· Ultra modern inf
rastructure with properly lighted and airy rooms

· Spacious playgroup, sports courts with lush-green surroundings.

· Specific library

· Well-equipped laboratories

· Hobby clubs

· Generator, invertors, back-up facilities

Our school is in the process of making a well furnished library under the charge of a well- qualified librarian. Library periods are provided to all the classes in which they visit the library.

The reading material comprises of a wide range of subjects such as;

 1. Religion

2. cookery

3. Astronomy

4. Earth sciences

5. Fiction

6. Encyclopaedias

7. Past time stories

8. Illustrated Picture books & magazines

9. Educational Cd’s

10. Periodicals and leading dallies, etc.

Students will also be able to issue the books to study them at home.

Das Universal Academy will provide the best laboratories for Physics, chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Pronunciation Fluency Modulation for the higher classes.

Das Universal Academy has a dedicated staff of professional teachers and educationists. The supportive behaviour, positive languages and nurturing learning environment fosters academic excellence as well as overall holistic development. The staff of Das Universal Academy is:

· Highly Competent

· Highly experienced in their areas

· Loving, dynamic and motivated

· Will be updates from time to time with our innovative international teaching methodology by the international advisory committee.

We aim at taking your children into the 21st century by making them computer literate.

Good collection of software, Cds, games and the latest hardware sourced from different parts of the world. Fully automated intranet.

Students can avail school buses and vans, subject to the availability of seats. The routes followed by the buses are pre fixed and shall be informed well in advance to parents.

Conductor, bus in-charge and guard will accompany the students in buses. They will maintain discipline and ensure the safety of the children.

Parents should consult the in-charge or the school transport department for the necessary details.