Panel of Advisors


Dr Jas Bhopal a man of great intelligence, has a long experience in practicing, psychiatry, research, counselling, and education in psychology ranging from families, doctors and students.

His valuable suggestions on child psychology are the backbone of the sensitive and child-orientated alongside the knowledge orientated curriculum of D.U.A

Qualifications- MBchB Glasgow, University of U.K

FRCP (c) University of British Columbia, Canada


Mrs Vijay Bhanot

Henwick Primary School UK

Mrs Bhanot has a vast experience in the field of school education. She has the role of advisors/assistant in the development of D.U.A’s curriculum with a UK perspective. Mrs Bhanot has 21 years classroom experience and her subject include English, Maths and Physical Education. She will be guiding the teachers online and through other means in facing the challenges in the school.

Qualification- B.Ed Hons. University of Greenwich


Dr Khan’s paediatric practice experiences have made aware of the important role that a teacher has in recognizing the signs and symptoms of health related issues in children. Developing children undergo many physical and psychological changes.

Dr. khan will provide our teachers with training, which will alert them to possible health and learning difficulties in children’s in children early on, so remedies can be put into operation. Examples of these difficulties can range from cognitive disorders such as dyslexia, mental difficulties such as autism, and behaviour difficulties such as hyperactivity A.H.D

Qualifications M.D Leiden University, Holland… Specialties Obstetrics, Gynecology and pediatrics. Current occupational and environment medical advisor.


Dr Navjot Sandhu

Birmingham University, UK

Dr Navjot has amass of valuable experience which benefits D.U.A immensely her learned practices within the field of Finance, Economics, Organizational Behaviours and Social Science gives D.U.A a firm footing as forerunners in the delivery of computer generated knowledge and understanding. Moreover, she is updating the curriculum to get the students ready for higher education and competitiveness exams.

 Qualifications- PhD (finance) MBA (Finance) Birmingham City University Pg Diploma in Software Management, B.Sc (Med) B.Ed, MA (English)


Rani has over 26 years experience in care and education of children ranging from the ages of 3 months to 11 years. She is qualifies as an early year’s specialist and is keen to ensure schools provide a stimulating and safe environment for children to learn and develop in and age appropriate activities. Emphasis is placed on partnership with parents/carers for positive development in each individual child. Rani ensure that D.U.A curriculum operates along university accepted and accredited theories of care and education.

Qualifications- early years care and education degree.

Early year’s professional status. Special needs in the early years.


Sukhi Bains

Qualifications – B. A. (Honours) & Postgraduate Diploma

Sukhi Bains has over 16 years of experience in the education and academic arena. He currently uses his skills and experience in Training and Advising Professors; Lecturers; Researchers and Staff from across the world at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, which is the third oldest University in the English speaking world.